About Us

Our Mission is to provide a destination in the Miramichi River Valley for folks to enjoy the beauty and fruits of an orchard; whole, naturally grown fruit and veg; free-range animals and various farm experiences. 

We are a family of four who are passionate about the simple things in life: fostering healthy relationships, being good stewards of the earth and growing food!


On the Orchard & Farm, we have deep respect for natural systems, the animals we care for, and the fruit and vegetables we grow in harmony with these things. Natural and organic practices are employed as much as possible.

We look forward to meeting you at RiverTrail Orchard!


We would like to say a big thank you to John McAllister, for providing us with some interesting history of his family's farm. Multiple generations of the family are credited with over 85 years hard work building the farmland, structures and apple orchard that remain to date.

Below are a few of questions we had asked John about the history of the farm.

  1. How and when did the McAllister family settle in Bryenton, Miramichi and on the farm property?​​

    • "I believe my parents acquired the farm property in 1930 - the year they were married"

  2. Who were the founding family members?

    • "​Founding family - Earl and Adelaide (Blackmore) McAllister; commonly known throughout as Dell and Earl."   

  3. What did they build in the way of the home and barns/what was already established? 

    • "My parents raised the roof of the existing house and added to it the kitchen, they later built the barn, the potato house (mid-fifties) which has become the apple building, then built a pig house attached to the potato house. Several other buildings were over time removed, including a barn/hen house, an ice house/wood storage house amongst other small buildings."​

  4. What produce did they first start growing? How much? Was it a wholesale or retail operation?

    • "​I believe the apple crops were the first produce, most likely a retail operation from the house - selling apples by the bushel baskets. My parents expanded their farm operations by growing potatoes approximately 2000-2400 bbls yearly, turnips about 200 bbls annually. Potatoes and turnips were sold from the farm and were delivered to small stores in the area on a weekly basis. With the potato operation my parents started raising pigs having about 8-10 brood sows’ Spring litters of piglets were sold when about 4 weeks old, however fall litters had little market potential - consequentially, fall litters helped clean up cull apple and potato crops and were often butchered about Christmas time and sold by the half carcus.; in addition, there was 2-4 milk cows, 6-10 beef cows, hens etc. Excess cream was sold to Capital Cooperative in Fredericton, shipped in five-gallon milk containers by train from the Bryenton Station."

  5. Fun facts:

    • "Dalmatian pups were raised and sold for $20.00 per pup or $25.00 if registered with Canadian Kennel Club. 

    • My brother Paul got great joy from his grape vines and his wine making hobby."​