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Our Apple Varieties

These are the varieties we grow on our farm. They are arranged approximately from early in the season to late in the season.



A medium sized apple which is the first great apple of the season. It is a pale yellow with red flush and is firm with a snow white flesh.

Ready: Middle of August

Uses: Super for eating, but wont store for long

Paula Red

This variety of apple is juicy with a crisp interior. It is medium in size with a red freckled skin. It is a New Brunswick favourite and is a great all around apple.

Ready: Late August to early September

Uses: Baking, eating, everything!


Lobo is a medium sized tangy and crisp apple with a birght red skin. This is a good all purpose apple. Most customers prefer Lobo before McIntost are ready.

Ready: Mid September

Uses: All purpose excellence


This variety has been the number one favourite eating apple in New Brunswick for 150 years. While sweet, this apple has a bit of a tart taste. Its very juicy and tender with a bright white interior.

Ready: Mid to Late September

Uses: Especially good for eating, but especially good for cooking



Cortland starts life as a hard and tangy apple, and ages to become sweet and juicy. It is larger than a McIntosh and has a striped skin with a very white interior.

Ready: Early October

Uses: Our families favourite to bake with, but excellent for a tangy treat


Honey Crisp (Bagged only, depending on the season - Not for U-Pick)

New Brunswicks “newest” variety, it is a juicy apple with a sweet peachy flavour. Honey Crisp bring a new flavour and texture that is exactly as the name says, crisp! It has a striped red and orange appearance.

Ready: Early October

Uses: Not for cooking, but the most popular for eating

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