Embracing “the new norm” is the key to protecting both you and me!



  • Every visitor must take the self-screening assessment and sanitize their hands prior to entry.

  • NB Department of Health Covid-19 signage is placed throughout the site to remind customers to physically distance, keeping at least two meters or six feet away from others outside of their family/close friend “bubble” and to properly hand sanitize when it makes sense to do so.

  • Parents are to ensure their children understand and follow distancing and hand sanitization requirements.

  • Orchard staff will be wearing masks when interacting with customers.

  • Masks are optional while picking in the orchard if physical distancing can be maintained. However, masks are mandatory for wagon rides and are available to purchase at the admission station (adults and children’s sizes).

  • Pilons and bright tape will be used for visual cues to the public in more heavily trafficked areas.

  • Washrooms will be disinfected throughout the afternoon.

  • The number of people allowed in the Retail Barn at one time will be monitored.​


The Government of New Brunswick and the Public Health Agency of Canada states, PHYSICAL DISTANCING, EFFECTIVE HANDWASHING/SANITIZATION AND NOT TOUCHING ONE’S FACE are key preventive measures. We ask visitors please to do their very best to comply with our Orchard’s COVID-19 business operating requirements so that we can carry on the traditions in the community that many have come to know and enjoy each harvest season.



Thank you,




  1. U-Pick is at one's own discretion. If you don't like what you see, don't pick it. We are at the mercy of nature most of the time.

  2. Please park where indicated. If you have special needs, please call in advance and we will do our best to help.

  3. Ladders and climbing the trees is not permitted. Please ensure children respect the farm property.

  4. Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) was developed by the horticultural industry and reviewed for technical soundness by Canadian government officials. CanadaGAP has procedures in place to minimize the risk of product contamination. We strive for compliance.

    • Clean hands: Regularly cleaned washrooms and sanitizing stations with instructions are provided. All employees and visitors are required to sanitize their hands prior to entering the u-pick.

    • Containers: Apples must be harvested into clean containers. We provide clean new bags of various sizes for all visitors to the orchard.

    • Picking: Visitors are required to remain in the designated harvesting area and to only touch the product they plan to purchase. Apples are to be picked off the tree and not the ground. Please ensure children are supervised at all times.

    • Garbage: Please dispose of garbage and apple cores in the provided receptacles. 

    • Smoking: We are a non smoking/vaping farm.

    • Animals: Unfortunately animals are not permitted in the u-pick in order to comply with CanadaGAP and Food Safety regulations (with the exception of certified service dogs).

  5. Other things to remember: It can be sunny, windy, wet, cold, or all of the above!